Tips on choosing the perfect bomboniere for your guests.

Ready to make your bomboniere for your event, but need some help putting together the perfect thank you gift for your guests?

Bomboniere might seem like the easiest part to an event, but when you try to match it to a theme, make it personal, make it useful, make it affordable… well, it can become a little overwhelming!

Being a practical person, I always like to give something useful, and when I say useful, I mean whatever money I choose to spend on that Bomboniere I want to ensure my guests will enjoy it and make use of it.

When my husband and I got married I gave each family a Swarovski bottle opener with 5 standard sugared almonds attached and to this day everyone still uses it Phew. (My Bomboniere were organised prior to discovering the flavoured sugared almond).


For my first-born daughter Elisa, I used our 150g bag of Max Mix Coloured Sugared Almonds and placed them in a Hesham tote with a little thank you note. It went perfect with my vintage theme, and I knew everyone was going to enjoy what was inside.

For my second-born daughter Nicolette, I went with a vintage theme again, just using different items to style and decorate. For the bomboniere however I used baby pink fondant heart shaped almond cookies made by my dear friend Coda Cakes, and complimented them with a handful of odd numbered 4 Shades of Pink Sugared Almonds. I placed them in a craft box with a cute sticker and voila – Bomboniere complete (see explanation below on why we use odd number sugared almonds).

The reason we always suggest keeping with tradition and ensuring you include five sugared almonds is it represents health, wealth, love, prosperity and happiness. However, if you don’t use 5 it should always be an odd number, purely because odd numbers cannot be divided. And we like to say its good luck!

So as you can see, I like to give my guests something practical and useful – whether it can be eaten or an item that can be used, so long as they don’t throw it away! 

Also take into consideration your guests, what the occasion, theme and colour scheme are and find an item which you know your guests will love and use.  If you’re unsure and need some inspiration a great place to start is Pinterest and Instagram. Most businesses are on social media and not only can you check out their pages but also those they follow for inspiration. Or Ask your gal pals – referrals are one of the best ways to find the perfect supplier.

To assist you we have created a Step by Step Bomboniere Guide just for you, it has everything you need to know on how to put your Bomboniere together. It is downloadable and totally FREE.

Download your Step by Step Bomboniere Guide.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you.

with sweet love

SAB  xx