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15 Different Flavours

You will receive 4 Chocolate Flavoured Sugar Almonds in each of the following flavours:

Amaretto, Bacio Confetti, Cannolo Siciliano, Caramel Nougat Brittle, Coco Nut, Cream Brulee, Dark Chocolate, Fruits of the Forest Yogurt, Gianduia Nut, Gianduia & Crushed Hazelnut, Lemon Sorbet, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Strawberry & Tiramisu.

Please Note: This product is ideal if you want to sample a range of our flavours before choosing your favorite and placing an order for an event, or simply if you would like to purchase a product with a mix of different flavours. At times we may include sugared almonds in our sample box that cannot be sold due to damaged boxes, or the sugared almonds may be slightly cracked. This does not change the quality or taste of our products. If you place an order with Sugared Almond Boutique, you will not receive sugared almonds which are damaged or cracked. All products (excluding sample boxes) are delivered in a polystyrene box for extra protection.

Flavours in sample box are subject to change without notice.

18 reviews for Sample Box

  1. Penelope K.

    Super delicious sample pack to try all the different flavours available. Packing is lovely and delivered so promptly.

  2. Jessica

    Would highly recommend trying the sample pack. Great value for money if you are trying to narrow down to a few flavours.

  3. Anonymous

    Great prices for sample box. Quick delivery. Yummy flavours

  4. Nicci T.

    Great way to sample the range

  5. Catia

    Great way to taste and choose from so many different tastes

  6. Adele

    Nice assortment.


    Absolutely delicious, like the ones I would buy in Italy, lots of different flavors, my favorite was gianduia, which I’m gonna buy for my wedding bomboniere. thanks!

  8. Anonymous

    Loved being able to try out the different flavours

  9. Norma Di Stefano

  10. Ivana Caruso

    Received them very quickly and in great condition .
    Looking forward to making our order soon.

  11. Alexia.P

    Gorgeous box! Amazing flavours! This product has been perfect for my mum and I to pick our fav flavours for my wedding bomboniere. Thank you SAB!

  12. Anonymous

  13. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your feedback on both our new sample box and the flavours inside, glad we could help 🙂

  14. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you Marcella we feel exactly the same about our new sample box, glad you loved them.

  15. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for the great feedback Steph.

  16. Marcella

    Just received my sample box and WOW! Love the new packaging, almost too pretty to throw away once all the sugared almonds are finished!

  17. Steph

    Great value for money, and great product if you are stuck on what flavours to buy. Love the box design. Highly recommend.

  18. Jess

  19. Anonymous

  20. Rosemary F.

  21. Jeanette

    Fun taste tester

  22. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your feedback Jeanette, we are glad you enjoyed taste testing all the flavours!

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