Sugared Almond Boutique, previously known as Dolci Sapori Imports, has been importing flavoured sugared almonds from Italy since 2012. So much has changed since then with the introduction of new delicious flavours, exciting new products and services and much more to come in the future. 

So, when did Dolci Sapori Imports become Sugared Almond Boutique? In late 2019 we felt it was time for a change. We wanted to continue providing you the same flavoursome sugared almonds with a fresh new look and simplified brand that defines who we are and what we do!



Our journey began in 2009 whilst at a wedding in Calabria, Southern Italy. Picture a perfect European summer’s day set in a magical villa overlooking the scenic Italian countryside, with a group of family and friends who came together from Italy and Australia to celebrate the marriage of two special people. Amongst the chaos of a typical Italian wedding, people running around frantically getting ready or doing their part to help bring the celebration together, the villa’s outside terrace had been set up the traditional Italian way; a large table of cakes, biscuits, drinks and sugared almonds for guests to help themselves to. The Italian tradition is that guests come to greet the bride and groom separately prior to the ceremony. Upon arrival a drink is shared to celebrate the wedding day, and a sugared almond is eaten for well wishes to the bride and groom.


Being brought up in Australia we only ever knew sugared almonds to be hard, tasteless and tooth-breaking, far from anything you would look forward to eating. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find the sugared almonds at this wedding were not the ordinary type, but instead filled with a delicious soft chocolate centre that melted in your mouth, and didn’t break your teeth!

After falling in love with these flavoured sugared almonds we filled our suitcases and brought some back to Australia with us. One night at a family get together we took some out for our guests to try, and watched them vanish in a matter of minutes.

Not only was everyone talking about how delicious they were, but they were wanting more. It was then that we realised what the Australian market was missing. This was a confectionary once used in wedding favors/bomboniere, placed in a display cabinet at home and forgotten about, and when the time was right most likely thrown out. However, these flavoured sugared almonds changed that perception forever. 

A product so versatile, perfect for any occasion and full of flavour, we knew people would love and enjoy eating them. Or if you’re anything like our family we don’t need a party, we simply eat them for their delicious flavours and premium quality!

Fast forward to today we have been delivering Italy’s finest flavoured sugared almonds to Australians to love and enjoy, and are so proud of our journey thus far. The love of this product has spread from family to family, event after event and continues to grow each time someone tries them for the first time. Our favourite part of what we do is watching people take that first bite, unsure of what to expect until they are hit with that WOW moment.

If you are busy organising your next function and want something unique, our flavoured sugared almonds are the perfect product to add some sweetness to your special occasion. We assure you, both you and your guests will love our flavoured sugared almonds for any excuse, not just a huge celebration!
And P.S – Just in case you were wondering, that wedding which brought Sugared Almond Boutique to life was mine!

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