This Is What We Found Exploring Italy’s Bomboniere Shops!

If you didn’t already know, bomboniere are a BIG deal in Italy. To make you understand just how important they are, there are shops solely dedicated to these gift items, where you will find shelves and shelves of everything imaginable to pick your thank your gifts from! 

We were curious to see what the latest bomboniere trends are here in Italy and how they differ to those in Australia, so let us show you what we found during our little excursion exploring the local shops.

We didn’t find much on Net Organza Drawstring Squares, but we did find these simple organza bags are quite popular here, filled with stuffing where the sugared almonds go. We were particularly vibing the textured cream bags for communions – these would be great for weddings (minus the communion charm obviously!).


The Italians are very big on religion, so you can be sure to find bomboniere for any religious milestone. Whilst they are traditional, a lot of the ornaments they’ve got have been designed with a modern twist (kind of like our flavoured sugared almonds!)


Acrylic boxes are quite a popular choice in Italy, and very similar to ours! They come in a range of sizes so you can put as little or as many sugared almonds as you want in these. We also found little jars with a cork lid for the birth of a child, which we thought is a super cute idea! 


…. And then there are the more antique-style items, which in our opinion are probably not something the Aussies would go for! 

Personalisation is everything here! They have such a wide variety of boxes and tags that you can add a name to. They use personalisation moreso for bomboniere like the birth of a newborn or baptisms.

No matter how big or small the occasion, the Italians are here to celebrate it with a bomboniere! We find however Australians prefer to celebrate just the bigger milestones. These are bomboniere ideas for someone graduating university, lots of sacks and ornaments that represent this milestone. 


When a baby is born, the Italians like to let it be known by hanging something like this on the front door of the house. It can also be used to put on the baby’s bedroom door. 

We also found:

  • Most of the bomboniere already come pre-made, meaning if you want to modify something it’s pretty much impossible to change it, ie charms, ribbon colours, attachments etc
  • Although the standard colours for babies are light pink and blue, there isn’t any variety outside of these if you were looking for a different colour. In general colours are limited to white, beige, pink, blue and red.  
  • In Australia we like to give simpler bomboniere, i.e. a simple box with sugared almonds inside, or a food gift for example cookies, chocolates and lollies. In Italy it’s all about the item that goes with the sugared almonds, and it can be anything from a candle, to a religious ornament, to kitchen utensils. We found the more detailed and extravagant, the better!

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the Italian bomboniere style? 

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With sweet love,
Rosi xx