Silver Sugared Almonds - 500g


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Silver Sugared Almonds – 500g

Each sugared almond contains a roasted almond centre. And is then covered in a shiny silver layer of sugar.

This box contains approx. 110 pieces per 500g.
Silver Sugared Almonds are a Gluten Free product.

Add this product to any silver themed event adding the perfect touch to all your special moments.
This product will indeed leave both you and your guests wanting more!

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Almonds, Sugar, Rice Starch, Thickener: Arabic Gum, Coating Agent: Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Flavours: Vanillin, Colourings: Silver: E174

This product is Gluten Free

3 reviews for Silver Sugared Almonds – 500g

  1. Anonymous

  2. NELLA

    Love the look of the silver coated almonds. Very sweet

  3. Angelina K.

    Great product! Looks so nice and chocolate is yummy

  4. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your feedback on this product 🙂

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