Gold Chocolate Sugared Almonds - 500g


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Gold Chocolate Sugared Almonds – 500g

Each sugared almond contains a dark chocolate centre. And is then dipped in a shiny gold layer of sugar.

Approximately 110 pieces per 500g.
Gold Chocolate Sugared Almonds are a Gluten Free product.

Add this product to any gold themed event adding the perfect touch to all your special moments.
This product will indeed leave both you and your guests wanting more!

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Almonds, Sugar, Rice Starch, Thickener: Arabic Gum, Coating Agent: Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Flavours: Vanillin, Colourings: Shiny Gold: E174, E100

This product is Gluten Free

Use this method for both DIY and Made For You

1kg box = 160 pieces (some 1 kg boxes vary in the number of pieces per box. Check product description tab for exact qty).
Note: 160 pieces makes 30-32 bomboniere with 5 pieces in each.

If you need to create 100 bomboniere use the following guide to work out how many kilos you need.
1). 100 (bomboniere) x 5 (pieces of confetti) = 500 (total pieces).
2). 500 / 160 = 3.125 boxes required.
3). Round this off to the next whole number, which is 4.
4). You now know you need to purchase 4 boxes to complete your bomboniere.

Remember to adjust the following according to your bomboniere:
a). Adjust the number of pieces in the kilo box (not all boxes have 160 pieces in them).
b). Adjust the number of bomboniere based on how many you need to create.
c). Adjust the number of pieces per bomboniere (you may not want to use 5).

11 reviews for Gold Chocolate Sugared Almonds – 500g

  1. Anonymous

  2. Adele

    Gorgeous to look at. Quite a bland flavour, but definitely a must to include in the wedding favour pouches.

  3. Nadia Turner

    Very satisfied with this product.

  4. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your feedback Nadia.

  5. Connie P.

    Excellent service and high quality sugared almonds. My order was complicated but they accommodated me and delivery was quick. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous

    An amazing selection of delicious sugared almonds. Finding this website was a dream come true. The variety was overwhelming and the flavour and quality is unsurpassed. We have had feed back from some of our guests who raved about the almonds. The tradition lives on- only the almonds are now really part of the enjoyment, and not just something people put away!

  7. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for the positive feedback Connie, we pride ourselves on customer services and we are always happy to help, look forward to serving you again next time.

  8. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your positive feedback on our store/products as a whole. We are thrilled to hear everyone loved our sugared almonds at your event!

  9. vicky k.

    Great gold tasty

  10. Lisa T.

  11. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  12. Jess

  13. Raquel

  14. Fotoula


  15. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you so much for your feedback Fotoula.

  16. Anonymous

    Aesthetics great! Flavour inside amazing! Chocolate Coated Almond

  17. Sugared Almond Boutique

    Thank you for your feedback on our gold chocolate sugared almonds.

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